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Happy Friday! This week, I made a few baked goods for events – and even tried some new cake decorating skills – and re-visited some old ones. Or maybe I just honed in on some old skills, and decided to call it new. Either way, it was a good week.

April is Donate Life month, and the hospital held a Donate Life Fair on Wednesday. It was to help raise awareness and support organ donation. Working in the SICU, I have seen many lives transformed (given second chances, basically!) by this gift. For the event, I made boxes of cupcakes that got raffled off. I made the CDS logo out of modeling chocolate and piped details with royal icing to make cupcake toppers.

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It was fun to have the cupcakes raffled off – another way to gift people with sweets, while getting my name out there. 🙂

On Thursday, the unit got a party because we received the Gold (!) Beacon Award. It is a recognition of excellence in hospital units on a national level, and so we are very proud to have reached this status! What can I say, I work with some pretty amazing people. I also have to give mad credit to the team of co-workers that worked so hard on the application process.

I wanted to make a cake to contribute . . . and let’s face it, I was excited! I bought some 12-inch cake pans this week and made my biggest cake yet! It was a two-layer vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream, covered in fondant, with modeling chocolate and royal icing details.

I quilted the sides of the cake . . . my third attempt at quilting fondant. I have tried two different methods to do this: either by using a diamond cutter, or by using a ruler. All I can say is, every cake has a back. I want to get my quilting perfect by July, since my first wedding cake (whoop whoop!) will have this detail!

in progress
in progress

I cut the Beacon logo out of modeling chocolate, then painted it gold! That was my favorite part. I piped the words verrrrry carefully . . . another piece of cake decorating that I want to get perfect. I want it to look flawless, and I feel like I’m not there yet. I usually avoid piping and go with cut out letters, but this time I decided to just roll with it.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of the cake with natural light, since I finished it at night – that was the only downfall.

Either way, the cake got demolished pretty quickly – so I call that a success!

beacon cake 1 edited

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