This is the first “Story Behind the Cake”!

Elephant Cake with Gold Chevron
Elephant Cake with Gold Chevron

From time to time, I will post stories about my cakes. This particular cake was very special.

A dear friend of mine has been journeying through the adoption process with her husband, and she had an adoption shower a few weeks ago. I got the honor of making the cake!

She told me that she didn’t have a set design in mind, but that she liked elephants and the colors pink, purple and gold.

I started to search for design ideas, and found inspiration from Jessica Harris‘ blog. I have taken her amazing Craftsy class, and also found tutorials and templates on her blog. She’s basically my cake hero and had done a safari themed adoption cake as well – that’s where I got the chevron idea from.

Here are some templates if you are interested in this design! Jessica Harris Cake Design Templates

I fell in love with the idea of having a mommy and baby elephant as part of the cake design too. It was just so cute!

I love adoption. It is such a beautiful picture of the gospel! God chose us, loved us and made a way for us to be adopted into His arms forever – even before we were born. My friends have been loving this little girl and making a way for her to come into their family, all before she has even met them. As my friend said during the shower, God paid a high price to bring us into His family . . . and that has compelled them to do everything in their power to bring this little girl home to be with them in their family!

Friends rallied around her to show love and support – and shower her with gifts! We are so excited for her family and to bring this precious one home!

Link to Cake Templates: Jessica Harris Cake Design Templates

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