Elijah's cake edited 1

Summer is here . . . time for summer themed cakes, like this beach ball cake!

My client is throwing a beach ball themed party for her son’s first birthday, and she asked me to make a cake and a smash cake. When she first told me her vision, I was excited but also nervous – as I’ve never made a 3D ball cake before. I may have lost sleep in the planning phase – but I love a challenge! 😉

After some pinterest and google searches, and sketching out ideas, I started to wrap my mind around how the vision could become a reality.

For the 3D ball cake, I baked two hemispheres of vanilla cake, frosted each half and then chilled them until they could be handled. I then filled the middle and frosted the outside smooth. After chilling it again, I covered the entire ball in white fondant. Now for the challenging part – getting those panels of color on the ball!

back of cake edited

I couldn’t find any beach ball templates, so I made my own. I knew the diameter of the sphere was 6″, so I calculated the circumference (diameter x pi (3.14)) . . . then used half of that as the length of each panel. My goal was to have 6 panels of color, so I used the circumference divided by 6 to find the widest point of what the panels needed to be (since each panel is elipse-shaped). Who knew there was this much math in cake decorating?

I used a 50/50 mix of fondant and modeling chocolate for each panel – so that it would cut easily from the template, but also had enough stretch to cover any miscalculations. Turns out I made 8 panels instead of 6, but more color isn’t a bad problem to have.

Elijah life preserver edited

I made a life preserver out of fondant, with ropes on the outside from extruded fondant. This was made days in advance, so that it would be nice and dry. I attached it to the cake with royal icing – the sturdiest “glue” that I know of!

side of cake 2 edited

The waves around the cake were a mix of fondant and modeling chocolate, and the fish and glasses were cut out of modeling chocolate. I added some graham cracker sand and chocolate shells to tie in the beachy theme. The “1” was also made out of fondant.

side of cake 1 edited

The bottom tier was chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, and the ball cake was vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

Elijah's cake edited 2

What first birthday would be complete without a matching smash cake? I used the ball pan to make another 3D ball – vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. I traced 8 segment outlines, then used a Wilton #18 tip to pipe stars in the panels.

smash cake edited 1

I absolutely fell in love with this cake. Maybe it’s because I adore summer and this cake is bursting with summer fun – but also because it was a fun challenge. Happy Birthday Elijah!

smash cake edited 2

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