Remember when I was on a quest to perfectly ship macarons?

You can read about it, in part one here.

The first few attempts were less than successful, but I was determined to find a way to ship them without damage. One of my co-workers suggested using cookie trays (similar to how some girl scout cookies are packaged), so I looked into it and found some macaron trays on amazon.


This time around, I packaged the macs in the clear trays, then wrapped the trays in bubble wrap, then placed them in a bakery box. From there, I placed that into a shipping box that was full of packing peanuts or other padding. I also placed “fragile” stickers on the outside of the box, hoping that our lovely mail carriers would handle the boxes a little more gently.

macaron shipping 1

I sent six boxes total. Five of those boxes were sent in state, and one was sent all the way to California.

The results? Two of the six boxes had one macaron that was slightly cracked, like this:


And the rest were perfect. (like this photo below)


Thank you to everyone who participated in these shipping experiments!!

One of my friends took my request for feedback to another level, by sending me pictures of the entire unwrapping / unveiling process – meticulously. Attention to detail? Excessive? Either way, it’s entertaining . . . check it out:

macaron collage 1

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