macaronsMission: Impossible?

I am on a quest to successfully ship macarons. When I say successfully, I mean without damage, as macarons are delicate little gems.

Here is what I’ve learned so far . . . or at least learned what not to do.

When I shipped Christmas cookies, I packaged them in a treat box, then wrapped the box in excessive amounts of bubble wrap and placed that in an oversized, bubble-wrap lined box. Upon receiving said cookies, my grandma said something to the effect of, “these cookies could’ve survived anything.”

So, I naturally thought that this method would work with macarons.

shipping macarons
shipping attempt #1

Attempt #1:

I shipped two boxes of macarons this way, but to my dismay, learned that they got smashed in transit.

I figured that even though there was lots of bubble wrap, the walls of the treat boxes were too flimsy to avoid being crushed . . . or, maybe the macarons weren’t padded inside the box, so they slammed into each other and got smooshed.

Attempt #2:

I thought maybe putting them inside of a mason jar would keep them in a secure home, and if I cushioned the macs individually, they wouldn’t be at such a high risk for smashing.

macs 2

I lined a mason jar with bubble wrap, then put each mac in a cupcake liner. Then more bubble wrap on top of the last mac before sealing the jar. (A downside of this method? Only 4-5 macs fit in a pint-sized mason jar.) I shook the jar, and it sounded like the macs weren’t moving . . . phew!

macs 3

macs 4


macs 5

macs in jars

I then wrapped each mason jar in lots of bubble wrap and shipped them in a bubble-wrap lined box.

macs in box

The verdict? The bottom macs got smooshed, but the ones on top were saved. Better result, but still not perfect.

I am wondering if using packing peanuts instead of bubble wrap inside the shipping box will help, since it seems like they are still getting real shook up (uh huh, I’m all shook up – Elvis, anyone?).

More to come . . . thank you to those who have volunteered for my shipping experiment!! Let’s see if I can get this right.



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