Welcome to my first post! Can you tell how excited I am?

I wanted to share with you guys how I got started and what this journey has looked like for me . . . so far! I still have so much to learn and so many cake projects I’m dreaming of – so stay tuned. 🙂

I think that baking runs in the genes, and that I can attribute my love for cakes to my mom. She, too, knows her share of cake decorating. She really helped me get started and has been  a big encouragement in all of this!

I developed a strong(er) love for baking when Pinterest entered the scene and changed every woman’s life (Can I get an Amen?). I lead a women’s Bible study every week, and I thought – what better way to welcome new people into my home, than to have fresh baked goods? Hence, that was my launching pad into more baking.

My two Birthday cakes
My two Birthday cakes

This past summer, I wanted to make my own birthday cake because, well, I knew exactly what kind of cake I wanted (and might be a control freak occasionally). I ended up making two cakes, and decided to try out I Am Baker‘s Rose cake and Frilly Cake – after all, she made it look so easy to decorate.

A few weeks later, we had a baby shower at work for one of the surgeons, and I volunteered to make a cake.

Rosette Cake
Rosette Cake – the cake that started it all!

She loved the cake, and mentioned to me, “You really should sell these.” I was pretty resistant at first, but she planted that idea in my head well! After only a few days, I decided that I would try out cake decorating and selling . . . and that’s where my journey began.

Since then, I have taken some amazing online classes via Craftsy, bought an entire cabinet full of tools, and haven’t looked back!


Craftsy Cake Decorating Class

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