Just in time for summer . . . a fresh strawberry cake!
strawberry cake and slice editedYesterday, the rooms and I went strawberry picking. I think we chose the best weekend to go, just in time before strawberry season is over, and before the heat and humidity of North Carolina summer starts to bear down on your soul. Although, I will say that I felt myself starting to *glisten* after being out there for 10 minutes or so. (You know what they say about ladies in the south – we don’t sweat, we glisten. 🙂 )

It also brought back childhood memories, as my dad was always so good about taking my sister and I strawberry picking during the summers. We would come home with a whole tray (or flat) of strawberries that were bursting with ripeness. His favorite summer dessert to make is strawberry shortcake, but I was always partial to virgin strawberry daiquiris – a once a year treat, so it was a special delicacy at our house.

strawberries edited I don’t care what they say, fresh picked are always best – even better than the monster strawberries on steroids that can be found at Harris Teeter. But I will probably be buying those too. 🙂

The whole reason for strawberry picking was to make a cake, of course! A few years ago, a friend of mine got married, and insisted that her mother-in-law made the best cake she had ever tasted. It happened to be a strawberry cake. I will attest that yes, the cake was heavenly . . . however, upon further investigation, I learned that the secret to that cake is strawberry jell-o.

strawberry cake edited 2

I felt determined to find a strawberry cake that was as fresh and natural as possible – sans jell-o. Upon searching the interwebs, I stumbled upon a recipe that looked promising. The author simply took her favorite cake, and subbed half of the milk that was called for with strawberry puree. Simple enough, I thought!

strawberry cake edited 3

So that’s exactly what I did . . . took my favorite vanilla cake recipe and subbed half of the milk with strawberry puree. It worked like a charm! I used the fresh strawberry buttercream recipe from my google/pinterest search – click here for that recipe.

Happy (almost) summer!


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