When should I place my order?
A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required for all cakes and cupcakes. I work on a first come, first serve basis and can become booked quickly. With a full-time job, I am limited in availability. Bottom line, it’s never too early to order!
How much for a cake?
This is a loaded question, my friends! 🙂 Each cake is custom made, which means the prices can vary greatly, depending on the level of decorating. A buttercream cake starts at $3.50/serving and a fondant covered cake starts at $4/serving. After that, I give individual price quotes that are tailored to your design requests.
But isn't it just a cake?
It is so much more . . . I make my cakes 100% from scratch, with meticulous detail and care paid to every cake. Each creation takes days, sometimes even weeks to plan and execute. You are paying for quality – this is so much more than a pre-made dessert or grocery store cake. It’s a special part of your event to help make a memory!
How long did that take?
Another loaded question 🙂 Short answer: longer than you may be thinking. For a plain buttercream cake, it’s at least 5 hours of active work. For a plain fondant-covered cake, it’s at least 6 hours of active work. For a fully decorated cake, we are talking 8-16 hours plus. For example, the Elephant cake was at least 16 hours of hands-on work. I spread the work out, over several days. This another reason why you should order your cakes early. For a more detailed answer, please read my post, “What goes into a cake?”
What is fondant? Do I have to eat it?
Fondant is a sugar dough that is rolled thin to cover a cake beautifully. I have a buttercream layer under all fondant covered cakes. I also make my fondant from scratch using marshmallows, so it has a nice taste. You don’t have to eat it, it is totally socially acceptable to peel it off your slice of cake and set it aside!
Do you ever sleep?
Sometimes, If I feel like it.
How do you accept payment?
I take major credit cards, checks or cash.
Do you deliver?
Delivery is now an option! Please inquire for specific pricing and availability. I am not responsible for the cake once it is dropped off or picked up, so please take extra caution when handling! I recommend that all cakes be placed on the floorboards of your car for transport.
Additional questions/How to order?