story behind the cake

story behind the cake: gender reveal cake

gender reveal cake

A client asked me if I would do a gender reveal cake, and here it is!

She and her husband are having a gender reveal party, and the sex of the baby is unknown to everyone, including them.

She brought over the ultrasound after her doctor’s appointment, so that I could find out what the gender is, and tint the inside frosting appropriately for the inside of the cake.… Read More


Story Behind the Cake: Hello Kitty

A while ago, one of the physicians at work said to me, “I want you to make me a Hello Kitty cake!”

She is one of our fellows, which means she’s in our unit until June or July. She won’t be with us when her birthday rolls around (sad for us – since all of the nurses love her!), so I decided I would make her some treats in January .… Read More

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