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Fresh Strawberry Cake

Just in time for summer . . . a fresh strawberry cake!
strawberry cake and slice editedYesterday, the rooms and I went strawberry picking. I think we chose the best weekend to go, just in time before strawberry season is over, and before the heat and humidity of North Carolina summer starts to bear down on your soul.… Read More

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How to Make Macarons

Here it is! A tutorial on how to make macarons.

light macarons

I was originally drawn to macarons because of their beauty . . . and because I wanted a challenge. It’s easy to be intimidated by these gems, but hopefully I can help unpack the mystery behind them!… Read More


{Heart Shaped} Frittatas

I know you’re wondering . . . what is a frittata?


It’s basically a crustless quiche – eggs and mix-ins that are baked together for a healthy, protein-full breakfast.

I love frittatas because they are so easy. You can make them in the beginning of the week and eat a serving every morning for a quick breakfast.… Read More

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Salted Caramel Brownies

I recently took a trip to Charlotte with three of my girlfriends to visit an old co-worker and dear friend. It turned out to be a “girls weekend” that was long overdue, I think!

The weekend revolved around hitting some key spots – Ikea of course, along with some great food finds.Read More

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