This is part two of cake week – where I had six cakes due between Wednesday and Sunday!

Call it a survival story, if you will 😉 You can read part one here.

On Friday, I assembled, decorated and delivered three cakes . . . after starting the day off with 5:45am sync cycle . . . my favorite workout class on the planet, but also a reason to get up and going!

Sadly, I did not take pictures of the first cake, due to time constraints. It was a chocolate cake with biscoff frosting

(an amazing combination – I mean, who doesn’t love biscoff on . . . well, anything!).

After that delivery, it was time to get started on the gold bow cake. My client gave me free reign on the design – it just had to be a birthday cake for a mom and daughter. I decided that you just can’t go wrong with pink and gold, or big fun bows. I had made the bow loops out of fondant on Tuesday, so that they had plenty of time to dry. I painted the bow and polka dots with gold luster dust that was mixed with clear extract. I also hand painted their names on a circle cut from modeling chocolate.

Bow Cake
Bow Cake

The cake was vanilla bean with chocolate buttercream, covered in fondant.

mary's cake 2 edited

Next was a birthday cake for a friend’s dinner. I was inspired by a cake posted by sweetapolita (her stuff is AMAZING!) that I had seen earlier that week. I love the bright colors, paired with sprinkles in the frosting. It was so much fun to decorate this one, and the birthday girl loved it. It was vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream – one of my very favorite combinations, and classic for a birthday.

mary's cake 5 edited


mary's cake 3 edited

Finally, I started to work on a cake due on Saturday – a UNC Med School graduation cake. It was a cookies ‘n cream cake with cream cheese frosting – another great flavor combination! I am a sucker for oreos, and this cake smelled divine when it was baking. I finished frosting and smoothing the cake, then chilled it overnight.

UNC graduation cake
UNC graduation cake

My client wanted the UNC logo on top of the cake, with argyle on the sides that matched the UNC jerseys. Saturday morning I made the logo and diamonds out of blue modeling chocolate, then piped navy royal icing for the stitching look. I made a banner out of modeling chocolate, then painted on words with food coloring.

UNC cake 2 edited

After the graduation cake was picked up, I started to work on a cake for mother’s day. My mom had requested a white almond cake with vanilla bean buttercream – again, a great combo! I love those flavors, and I probably get that from my mom 🙂 . . . must be genetic. I tinted the frosting a very light teal. Sharp, smooth buttercream edges on a cake – it gets me every time! One of my very favorite things.

flower cake 4 edited

On Sunday, I started to work on buttercream flowers. I had only attempted flowers once before, and gave up because it was too hard. This time I was determined to get somewhere! I watched some videos on how to pipe flowers (that makes it look oh so easy) and practiced for a couple of hours. I know I still have lots of room to grow, but I was surprised at how much I liked some of the roses.

Buttercream Flower Cake
Buttercream Flower Cake

After piping the flowers, I froze them so that I could easily handle them and place them onto the cake. This way there’s no smudging – as long as you work quickly! I arranged them in a semi circle on top of the cake. I gotta say I fell in love with this cake. I brought it to my parent’s house for dinner on Mother’s Day and it got demolished. I even stole a piece of my sister’s slice. What can I say, I have a sweet tooth 🙂

flower cake 2 edited

And there you have it! Cake week – completed! I can’t say that I would do that many cakes in one week again, but I love how they all turned out.

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