Last week was my busiest cake week yet! With six cakes due, when I typically only do two per week, it was a challenge in the time management department.

chocolate cake
note to self: do not cram 3 12-inch pans into the oven . . . they won’t bake evenly. oops 🙂

I baked five cakes on Monday, one on Tuesday, and another on Friday (since one of the cakes was two-tiered, there were seven cakes total). My oven and mixer got quite the workout. Three batches of fondant were made on Monday, and frosting galore throughout the week. I lost count of how many pounds of butter and bags of powdered sugar were used in the process! It was good practice for all the baking I will need to do for a wedding cake this summer.

Each cake tells a story, which is my favorite part.

elizabeth's cake edited small 1.1

The first cake of the week was a going away cake for a very special co-worker. Elizabeth, one of our CN IV’s, is transitioning from her role in the SICU to an organ transplant coordinator. SICU will not be the same without her, and I wanted to show her how much we love and will miss her! I also wanted to tell the story of her transition from SICU to transplant.

I was inspired by bakerella’s kidney cake pops and I heart guts cute organs (seriously check them out – they have every organ you could imagine in the form of a plush toy)!

organs edited

I formed my organ friends out of a mix of fondant and modeling chocolate, then painted their cute faces on with some food coloring. If you can’t tell, they’re a liver, kidney, lungs and heart!

To incorporate the UNC healthcare logo, I used a template and cut the old well out of modeling chocolate.

liver and cake top edited

I also wanted to try out a new support system – bubble tea straws. I had previously only used wooden dowels for cake support, but wanted to try the straws. (Good to experiment before using them in an upcoming wedding cake!) They are so much easier to cut, and really held up to the job.

cake with straws

I used royal icing to pipe the words “Surgery Trauma to Transplant” and the EKG tracing. The cake was topped with a banner made out of modeling chocolate.

heart and lungs edited

The cake was chocolate with vanilla bean buttercream, covered in marshmallow fondant. I made an 8-inch tier and a 12-inch tier to make sure there was plenty of cake to go around! (Usually they are gone within 10 minutes . . . seriously – if you ever want to get rid of food, bring it to the SICU!)

organs on cake edited

I honestly cannot say enough good things about Elizabeth. She has been so amazing to work with, and we all are going to miss her so much. She is one of the most caring, encouraging and inspiring nurses I’ve been blessed to work with. I am so glad I got to make a cake to help in the send off!

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