Confession: I may slightly love Biscoff.

(When I say slightly, I mean I have dreams about it)

I love biscoff

What is Biscoff, you ask? It is a European cookie that is similar to gingerbread, and is known to Delta passengers. In fact, it’s the main reason I chose Delta on a flight this summer. Not lying.


They make a spreadable form, which is quite dangerous. Maybe you can make an entire meal out of graham crackers with Biscoff, Nilla Wafers with Biscoff, and basically anything that serves as a vehicle for Biscoff. Not that I have done this, or anything.

biscoff jar

I am Baker posted a mouthwatering photo on Instagram in the Fall that turned out to be a Biscoff Buckeye cake. What! I immediately hustled over to her blog to check it out. It’s two layers of chocolate cake with an enormous cloud of Biscoff frosting sandwiched in the middle . . . then Biscoff spiked ganache is poured over the cake until it’s completely coated.

Talk about some blood sugar spiking. I made the cake for an old co-worker on her last day of work, and everyone loved it. The frosting was so amazing, it earned a spot on my cake menu. I really think this is my favorite frosting, although the mint chocolate chip frosting is quite the contender.

Biscoff Frosting
Biscoff Frosting

Either way, the stuff is dangerous. In a good way, of course 🙂

You can find the recipe here.

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