Happy Wednesday!


As some of you may know, I took a much needed “cakeation” (cake vacation) over the last couple of months. It was nice to have a break, but I was ready to be back in the kitchen this month!

I’ve had a few orders this month, but pretty simple cakes, which is also nice. I had the honor of providing cupcakes and a cutting cake (above picture) for my friend Lacey‘s wedding last weekend, and I think they were a hit 🙂


What else? I’ve done a few things for co-workers and friends, including whipping up some black bean brownies. Have you guys tried these? They are AMAZING . . . you would never know that the beans were there, or that they were a healthier version of brownies.

(not beans :) )
(the non-bean version)

It’s been nice to have things lower key. That being said, I know that Christmas is right around the corner (eeeek! 🙂 ) and that means time to start planning for parties and cookies galore!



Another amazing thing . . . do you remember the elephant cake, and my friend who was in the adoption process? She and her husband just found out that they have a court date to bring their daughter home!

I have watched my friend be patient and faithful during the entire process, which has been longer than she and her husband anticipated. At times it has been very painful, but they chose to keep trusting God, that He would complete what He had started, as they felt very called to adopt this little girl. Their story has inspired me, as well as many others!

Would you take a moment to read their story, and consider helping them bring their daughter home?

You can read more here: https://www.adopttogether.org/harts and on her blog here: http://hartsindurham.com

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