Month: February 2015

What goes into a cake?

People often ask me, “How long did that take?” or “What goes into making a cake?”

Before I entered the decorating world, I had no idea about the extensive process that is behind each cake.

I will say that a “simple” buttercream cake (meaning, just iced with maybe “Happy Birthday” written on top and a simple border) takes at least 5 hours of active work.… Read More


Story Behind the Cake: Hello Kitty

A while ago, one of the physicians at work said to me, “I want you to make me a Hello Kitty cake!”

She is one of our fellows, which means she’s in our unit until June or July. She won’t be with us when her birthday rolls around (sad for us – since all of the nurses love her!), so I decided I would make her some treats in January .… Read More

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